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Episode, length of podcast & release date
1 ~ 20:48
Dec 30 2005

Challenges and Opportunities
Cathie Atkins, Director of pICT, chats with faculty and instructional staff about teaching and learning at SDSU. This Podcast includes excerpts from those interviews.
2 ~ 25:55
Jan 18 2006
Large Lecture Halls: Here Today, Here Tomorrow
Jim Julius, Associate Director of Instructional Technology Services, talks about teaching and learning in large lecture halls.
3 ~ 19:46
Feb 6 2006
A Birdseye View of pICT
Geoff Chase, Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Studies talks about pICT's conception and vision.
4 ~ 30:09
Feb 16 2006

Necessity, the Mother of Invention
Richard Reed, Assistant Dean and Professor in the College of Health and Human Services shares his experience and insights about teaching and learning with technology. When his class grew from 40 to 500 students, he figured he'd have to grow with it.

FacultyFellowStories: A series of interviews with pICT Faculty Fellows
Faculty Fellows share their ups and downs, insights and aha moments as technology trailblazing Faculty Fellows.
5 ~ 32:13
March 3 2006
StoryOne: Mark Laumakis
Mark Laumakis teaches Intro to Psychology to a class of 500 students. If you let them, students will just sit there and do nothing. Listen to how he got them involved and engaged.
6 ~ 27:40
March 23 2006
StoryTwo: Eniko Csomay
Linguistics professor Eniko Csomay teaches the course Theory and Practice in Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language. Like many other Faculty Fellows she wanted to engage her students more with the material. She turned a web-based activity into a WebQuest.
7 ~ 24:28
April 5 2006
StoryThree: Amy Allen
Amy Allen is a lecturer in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing and a relative newbie to technology for teaching and learning. Before pICT she had never even used Blackboard, now she can’t imagine not using it. Besides Blackboard she also assigns blogging in her RWS 100 class. Listen to her talk about her paradigm shift.


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