Digital Literacies

Africana Studies Multicultural Literacy
Africana Studies Students created a multimedia dramatization of the Constitutional Convention or the war for independence from the point of view of an enslaved person, a free person of African descent, or a White colonialist. Click here or the thumbnail to view an excerpt of one student team's project. Full version
Communication Visual and Information Literacies
Communication Thumb Students created PowerPoint presentations to enhance their public speaking assignments. They were also required to find valid online sources of information for their informational speeches. Click here or the thumbnail for more.
Computer Science Visual Literacy
Computer Science Using multimedia tools, students created instructional graphics to explain scientific phenomena to students. Click here or the thumbnail for more.
English and Comparative Literature Visual Literacy
digital thumbnail Students recontextualized Shakespeare’s poetry for a modern audience by creating a digital poem, a PowerPoint-based piece which combines music, images and animation. Click here or the thumbnail for more.
Geology Visual Literacy
geology visual literacy thumbnail Online modules included interactive illustrations to help students better understand course content. Click here or the thumbnail for more. Go to course website.
History Information Literacy
History Students contributed to, or created new, Wikipedia entries on witchcraft and magic accusations from the Greco-Roman period through Colonial America. They learned to recognize the relative value of various resources for research.“I learned how Wikipedia was run, how to change Wikipedia if it is false, and the type of assessment used to keep Wikipedia from becoming subjective.” A Student Click here or the thumbnail to go to the Witch-hunt article.
Recreation and Tourism Management Multicultural Literacy, Global Awareness and Information Literacy
digital thumb WebQuests are inquiry-based assignments in which learners are asked to access information on the Internet, often judging its legitimacy. This WebQuest dealt with complex cultural issues, requiring the synthesizing and understanding of multiple perspectives. Inquiries commenced with a visual presentation of positions to peers and a written report. Click here or the thumbnail for more.
Rhetoric and Writing Studies Visual and Information Literacies
digital literacy thumb Students read and wrote about social issues nationwide and globally throughout the semester. They used multiple methods to communicate their opinions about these issues, including using visual rhetoric via PowerPoint presentations."I learned that there are many ways to make an argument by using technology, speech, or writing.” A student Click here or the thumbnail for more.
Physics Visual and Information Literacies
Physics Students navigated information on the Internet (e.g. the EPA) to compile facts and images into a brochure that would convince their peers to reduce energy consumption. Click here or the thumbnail for more.
Psychology Visual Literacy
Digital Literacy Thumb Horizon Wimba allows the instructor to annotate images and open multimedia Web sites during lectures to communicate course content.Click here or the thumbnail for more.

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