Africana Studies

Digital Literacies Multicultural Literacy
Africana Studies Students created a multimedia dramatization of the Constitutional Convention or the war for independence from the point of view of an enslaved person, a free person of African descent, or a White colonialist. Click here or the thumbnail to view an excerpt of one student team's project. View full version
Inventive Thinking Higher-order Thinking
inventive thinking thumbnail The project made students think about a similar idea in several ways: researching characters, understanding the ideas and thoughts of those people when putting those thoughts together in the dialogue, and finally acting out their characters creates a personal understanding of those people.” - Adisa Alkebulan Click here or the thumbnail for more.
Effective Communication Interactive Communication
inventive thinking thumbnail Students participated in Blackboard reflective discussions throughout the completion of their projects. Click here or the thumbnail for more.
High Productivity Planning and Managing for Results
high productivity thumbnail Students worked with deadlines, managing their projects and collaboration within a semester timeframe. Many of them experienced their multimedia project as an opportunity to learn new software, processes and skills. Click here or the thumbnail for more.




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