Chicano/a Studies

Inventive Thinking Higher-order Thinking
inventive thinking thumbnail Students developed the ability to constructively critique presentations by peers. A rubric, repeated playback of recording and a written assignment allowed for deeper analysis than classroom comments.Click here or the thumbnail for more.
Effective Communication Interactive Communication, Teaming and Collaboration
effective communication thumbnail First-year students developed the confidence to constructively critique their peers. Through Blackboard discussion boards and formal critiques, students worked together to improve public speaking skills.
High Productivity Effective Use of Real-world tools, Producing Relevant, High Quality Products
inventive thinking thumbnail I notice that the comments that students are submitting online reflect a higher level of quantitative data about presenters' behavior. Whereas the comments prior to my project included such statements as ‘She really did a nice job,’ or ‘He kept me interested,’ or ‘She looks comfortable,’ etc. -James Garza Click here or the thumbnail for more.




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