Digital Literacies Visual and Information Literacy
Communication Thumb Students created PowerPoint presentations to enhance their public speaking assignments. They were also required to find valid online sources of information for their informational speeches. Click here or the thumbnail for more.
Inventive Thinking Self Direction
inventive thinking thumbnail Lecture content and assignments were linked more closely in subject matter to help student make connections across lessons. Students were made aware of assignment learning outcomes and made use of self-assessments to make learning more self-directed and relevant. Click here or the thumbnail for more.
Effective Communication Interactive Communication
effective communication thumbnail A Facebook Group site provides a supplement to the course BlackBoard site. It's designed for students to share notes and study guides as well as tips on test-taking and giving presentations. Click here or the thumbnail for more.
High Productivity Effective Use of Real-world Tools
high productivity thumbnail In preparing presentations of new communication tools, students exposed themselves to real-world tools they found interesting. Click here or the thumbnail for more.



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