English and Comparative Literature

Digital Literacies Visual Literacy
digital thumbnail Students recontextualized Shakespeare’s poetry for a modern audience by creating a digital poem, a PowerPoint-based piece which combines music, images and animation. Click here or the thumbnail for more.
Inventive Thinking Self Direction
Inventive thinking thumb Students appropriated Shakespeare's poetry to experience it in personal way. They recontextualized it in terms of individual and shared experiences. “They won’t experience [the poetry] unless they feel some sense of ownership over it. They have to play with it themselves and the lecture format just isn't going to do it." –Laurel Amtower
Effective Communication Interactive Communication
effective communication thumb Students appropriated PowerPoint as a multimedia studio for their projects. "Powerpoint is an excellent medium for communication. It allows students to focus and distill their readings of literature coherently for an audience." - Laurel Amtower
High Productivity Effective Use of Real World Tools
High Productivity Thumb Students used a common program (PowerPoint) in extraordinary ways, allowing them develop confidence and self-efficacy with technology. Click here or the thumbnail for an excerpt of one student's project. To download the complete project go here.




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