Digital Literacies Visual Literacy
Digital Literacy Thumb Horizon Wimba allows the instructor to annotate images and open multimedia Web sites during lectures to communicate course content.Click here or the thumbnail for more.
Inventive Thinking Self Direction and Higher-order Thinking
Inventive Thinking Thumb

Students take ownership of their learning by interacting more with the material: “Concept Checks” involve them in the learning process and students can view archived lectures, complete with student discussions and questions, on their own time. Students in blended sections show a better grasp of course content. On average, students rated “Concept Checks” a 4.1 (much help) with regard to understanding course content.

Effective Communication Interactive Communication
Effective Communication Thumb A text chat imbedded in the Horizon Wimba interface allows students to interact with one another and the instructor. Compared to a large lecture hall, more students can offer comments and answer questions. Click here or the thumbnail for more.
High Productivity Effective Use of Real-world Tools
High Productivity Thumb Wimba web conferencing tools used for online course delivery, give students hands on experience with the kinds of tools and environments they'll likely use in the professional lives.




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