Rhetoric and Writing Studies

Digital Literacies Visual Literacy and Information Literacy
digital literacy thumb Students read and wrote about social issues nationwide and globally throughout the semester. They used multiple methods to communicate their opinions about these issues, including using visual rhetoric via PowerPoint presentations."I learned that there are many ways to make an argument by using technology, speech, or writing.” A student Click here or the thumbnail for more.
Inventive Thinking Adaptability and Managing Complexity
Inventive Thinking Thumb Students learned to meet deadlines, adapt to one another and fulfill multiple roles through group work. Click here or the thumbnail for more.
Effective Communication Personal, Social and Civic Responsibility
effective communication thumb Students took ownership of an issue that they were passionate about and persuaded others to care about the topic.
High Productivity Prioritizing, Planning and Managing for Results
High Productivity Thumb Students coordinated their roles and duties, and worked over the semester to bring their different perspectives together into one capstone project. Click here or the thumbnail for to view a excerpt of one teams's project.




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