Recreation and Tourism Management

Digital Literacies Multicultural Literacy, Global Awareness and Information Literacy
digital thumb WebQuests are inquiry-based assignments in which learners are asked to access information on the Internet, often judging its legitimacy. This WebQuest dealt with complex cultural issues, requiring the synthesizing and understanding of multiple perspectives. Inquiries commenced with a visual presentation of positions to peers and a written report. Click here or the thumbnail for more.
Inventive Thinking Self Direction and Managing Complexity
inventive thumb WebQuests encourage self-direction because they often model future, real-world professional experiences in students’ chosen fields. This assignment required that students act as stakeholders in a “near world” context. Students understood and took on varying perspectives using a theoretical framework. They used rubrics to guide their project. Click here or on the thumbnail to go to the WebQuest page with the rubric.
Effective Communication Interactive Communication and Teaming and Collaboration
effective communication thumbnail The WebQuest often required group work, including online discussions and information sharing in Blackboard. Groups presented their findings in a PowerPoint presentation to peers. Presentations were position statements and persuasive, so students took a real-world perspective, which might shape their future work in the field.
High Productivity Produce Relevant, High Quality Products
high productivity thumbnail “For 7 years, you have served on the National Tourism Crisis Committee (NTCC). The NTCC is required to submit a final comprehensive report of the situation and present the major findings to a panel consisting of the Governor of Wyoming and USDI officials at the Wyoming State Capitol Building. Write-up a 25 page (minimum) professional-quality final report, with references in APA format” Excerpt from WebQuest




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