The pICTsl Farm and Aztlan Island in Second Life®

In 2007 The pICTsl Farm at SDSU was created as an experimental, exploratory learning and research space in the online 3D virtual world Second Life®. While the educational potential of 3D virtual environments is still evolving, we believe it's important for SDSU to keep pace with the developments by exploring new 3D technologies, and exposing our faculty and instuctional staff to this new domain. In 2009, we bought an island, Aztlan, in Second Life®, and with a focus on student world-building encouraged students, student organizations and faculty to develop students' 21st century skills through creative design projects. The website is The surl is Aztlan 180/93/41.

Expanding our Reach

In 2009 we began expanding our reach by actively seeking out new partnerships in grant-making that address our mission of developing undergraduates' 21st century skills, knowledge and dispositions. Research and implementation projects with programs and individual faculty allow us to continue to do what we do best: Introduce innovative practices and approaches to the educational mission of SDSU.

Conference Presentation and Publication Stipends

pICT provides stipends to encourage Fellows to present or publish on their pICT/CDI projects. These contributions add to our understanding of practice and research on employing educational technologies in higher education, and showcase our commitment to teaching and learning at SDSU.

Professional Learning Communities

In Fall 2008, we initated professional learning communities on course design to provide everyone involved with the instructional process a sustained and structured professional development opportunity. PLCs foster collegiality across disciplines and units, discuss topic-based experiences involving teaching and learning or course design, develop a shared vocabulary about student learning, enhance student learning through application of insights and promote scholarly teaching.

Fast Track CDI

In Spring 2008, the University charged ITS with putting high impact courses completely online for the summer. Of the 5 faculty chosen, 4 were pICT/CDI Fellows. In 2009, the initiative became the Fast Track CDI; of the 11 instructors choosen, 5 were pICT/CDI Fellows. pICT provides funding for Fast Track PLCs and works closely with the the initiatives leadership to colalesce it with the CDI and concurrent initiatives.

Ongoing Events

Learning Stories Luncheons - View presentations on Video and PowerPoints
Center for Teaching and Learning Luncheon Series and ITS FIT (Faculty Instructional Technology) Center combined calendars.


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